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How can I get to Antarctica cheaply?

It's one of those questions. You have made the decision to go. You want to get there, the question is how can I do it without breaking the bank?

Before we get started. Antarctica is NOT a cheap destination. With the average price per passenger around the ten thousand dollar mark, it's not a trip that is associated with budget travel. So how do you get to do it cheaply?

Find some of our top tips below

1. Book Early - Probably the best way to save money (and most reliably) is to book early. People can book Antarctica up to two years in advance, and generally the earlier you book the better the savings (except for point 2 below). Expect to save anywhere from 10 to 30% off the ticket price by getting in early. It is a big purchase so check who you book with carefully, check their expertise and always go with an IAATO member or affiliate.

2. Book late - Admittedly this is getting harder. Each year availability is getting tighter. It is very true that a decade ago, after the GFC that people were picking up bargains of 50 - 60% off in Ushuaia from a "Pier agent" or clearing house. The days of this are limited, and in 2018/2019 many operators were full before the season even commencing in November. If you are lucky you may nab a bargain. The other alternative is join our mailing list and we send the deals we find when we hear about them!

3. Work on a ship - Yes, this is possible. Studied Geology?, Marine Biology?, History?, Geography? There are plenty of disciplines that could get you a job as a guide. Handy with boats?, good with people? Try applying to one of the IAATO operators such as the Antarctic Cruise Company, Quark Expeditions, Antarpply Expeditions and you could be working your way south.. for free!

Antarctica is a special place. Incredible and a must see experience. Whether you book early, or a last minute booking to Antarctica, the experience will be magical, and one you will never forget!


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